Welcome to my blog

I hope you’ll find here a lot of inspiration, tips and photographs to your liking. You might be also wondering who I am. Well, I am not telling you, just yet.

If you look at my posts, you might feel confused. What is this blog about? Photography, kids, lifestyle, sewing, travelling or baking? What a mish mash! Who is this aimed at? Photographers, potential clients or mums?

You can find the answer yourself, and if you read more than 3 posts and want to come back later on again, then it is for you.

I write as a mum, dog lover, traveller and photographer because this is who I am. I have many interests and a lot to say, although admittedly I am a bit lazy to write :).

If you are like me, then let’s talk, leave a comment or send me an email. I would love to hear from you!